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Teacher's Day

    In order to enliven the Teachers’ Day, not only did both the teachers from Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary School and all the students celebrate it, but the teachers themselves also held an offline event at Pah Tsung School’s Auditorium. Simple but impressive, this event was initiated by the committee in collaboration with the PTC Line.

Singing along to "Teacher's Hymn" and "Melukis Senja" became the pinnacle of togetherness that really fused all the teachers and PTC Line.



为庆祝教师节,除了校级举办线上活动外,老师们在巴中学校礼堂举办线下活动。 简单的活动,但令人印象非常深刻。 该活动由委员会与 PTC Line 合作发起。

老师的赞美诗Melukis Twilight一起唱歌成为真正融合了所有老师和PCT的团结的顶峰。