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     Pah Tsung School was first established at the beginning of Indonesia's independence around 1945. This idea started from a group of people of Chinese descent who saw many children and the younger generation who were not in school at that time.

      For this reason, a high school was opened where the majority of the students were of Chinese descent. The name Pah Tsung stands for Pah Tsen Tsung Sio, where Pah Tsen means Batavia City and Tsung Sio means Middle School. Thus, Pah Tsung means a Middle School which is located in the City of Batavia. Then because Batavia changed its name to Jakarta, the school changed its name to Yah Tsung, an abbreviation of Yah Tsen Tsung Sio. Yah Tsen means the city of Jakarta. Hence, Yah Tsung means Middle School which is located in Jakarta City.

      The majority of the students were of Chinese descent and the language of instruction used was Mandarin. However, during the New Order era, anything foreign was prohibited by the government, so in 1966 schools were forced to close and all teaching and learning activities were stopped.

In around 2000, alumni from Pah Tsung School gathered again with the aim of rebuilding their alma mater and improving the quality of education by building an excellent non-commercial school. All forms of power and efforts were made so that around 2007 the alumni seriously made various preparations to establish a school.


       In 2011, the foundation stone of the construction of Pah Tsung School building began in City Park Complex A4, Cengkareng, West Jakarta.

Pah Tsung School has full support from alumni in a foundation called Panca Cemerlang Foundation. This foundation is an institution that organizes, manages, and creates concepts, visions, missions, educational strategies and school work directions.

Finally, Pah Tsung School was re-established in the 2012–2013 Academic Year, starting from the Playgroup (KB), Kindergarten (TK) and Elementary School (SD) Grade 1. In the Academic Year 2013–2014, Elementary School Grade 4 was opened. In the 2014–2015 Academic Year, Elementary School Grade 5 was opened.

For the 2015–2016 Academic Year, in addition to continuing the opening of the 6th grade of Elementary School (SD), Pah Tsung School opened the Junior High School (SMP) level. Then in the 2018–2019 school year, Pah Tsung carried on with the SMA level, which directly opened 2 classes, namely Grade 10 science and Grade 10 social until today Pah Tsung has all the complete grades from Playgroup to Grade 12.



    于是,开设了一所以华裔为主的高中学校,巴中的意思是Pah Tsen Tsung SioPah Tsen的意思是巴达维亚市,Tsung Sio的意思是中学。 所以巴中的意思是位于巴达维亚市的中学。 后来巴达维亚更名为雅加达,学校更名为Yah TsungYah Tsen Tsung Sio的缩写。 Yah Tsen 意为雅加达市。 所以 Yah Tsung 的意思是位于雅加达市的一所中学校。因为大部分学生是华裔,所以使用的教学语言是普通话。

    在新时代,任何外国的活动都被政府禁止,在 1966 年,学校被迫关闭,所有的教学活动也都停止。2000年前后,巴中学校的校友们再次齐聚一堂,讨论要重建母校,旨在通过建设优秀的非商业学校来提高教育质量。经过校友们的不懈努力,2007年前后,校友们终于得到政府的审批和社会的支持,完成了各项准备工作。2011年,在雅加达西部Cengkareng A4地块City Park 地区开始了巴中学校建校的奠基仪式。

    最终,巴中学校在 2012 - 2013 年重新成立,最初的招生范围包括:幼稚园、幼儿园 和小学1 年级。在 2013 - 2014 年,扩大招生规模,开始招生小学4年级,2014-2015年招收小学5年级。2015 - 2016 年,除了继续开办小学6 年级外,巴中学校也开始发展开办初中招生计划。然后在2018-2019年,巴中学校开设高中教学,开设了2个直属班级,即10级科学和10级社会研究,这一教学直到今天。