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Pah Tsung Senior High School Profile:

Pah Tsung developed from its alumni’s longing to provide a good education for Indonesian children. In 2018, Pah Tsung Senior High School started with a Grade 10 and Grade 11.  

We educate our students holistically, so they become excellent not only in their moral and character, but also in their academic achievements. Our students’ creative and innovative mindsets are sharpened through our nurture of their knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Our habituation activities are designed to foster our students’ respect for others and the environment, can-do attitudes, resilience, and teamwork skills. Their leadership skills, interest, and talent are also developed through our various activities. Technology-based learning has become an integral part of our learning activities. To prepare our students to face the globalization era in the 21st century, we also apply Indonesian, Mandarin, and English proportionately in our classes.

We use Indonesian National Curriculum (2013). Students are required to learn their core subjects and some other selected subjects based on their own interest. This curriculum leads our students to have a bigger world view and apply their knowledge.


Principal of Pah Tsung Senior High School

Dra Ester Setiawati Budirahardjo, M. Pd




    巴中的发展源于其校友为印尼儿童提供良好教育的渴望。 2018年,巴中高中从10年级和11年级开始。


    我们的习惯活动旨在培养学生对他人和环境的尊重、积极进取的态度、韧性和团队合作能力。他们的领导技能、兴趣和才能也通过我们的各种活动得到发展。基于技术的学习已成为我们学习活动中不可或缺的一部分。为了让我们的学生为迎接 21 世纪的全球化时代做好准备,我们还在课堂上按比例应用印度尼西亚语、普通话和英语。

    我们使用印度尼西亚国家课程 (2013)。学生必须根据自己的兴趣学习他们的核心科目和其他一些选定的科目。该课程引导我们的学生拥有更大的世界观并应用他们的知识。




Dra Ester Setiawati Budirahardjo, M. Pd