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Welcome to Pah Tsung School’s website.

Pah Tsung Kindergarten is a trilingual school that uses Mandarin, English and Indonesian as the media of instruction in all learning activities at school. This is the characteristic and advantage of Pah Tsung Kindergarten: the graduates can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type in the three languages. With the competencies in these 3 languages, Pah Tsung Kindergarten prepares its graduates to be ready to face global competition in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, where we are expected to be able to be connected and communicate globally.

Built in a large area, Pah Tsung Kindergarten has a variety of complete facilities that make students feel comfortable while studying at school. The school environment fully supports and stimulates various aspects of children’s development (academic, physical-motor, socio-emotional, language, and art). In addition, Pah Tsung Kindergarten has teaching staff who are competent in their fields and have the ability to personally approach children with different characters.

In Pah Tsung Kindergarten, we believe that education is the foundation upon which we build our future. Pah Tsung Kindergarten plays a major role in laying strong educational foundations for the students so that they can compete in the future while still having great virtue that characterises them as being optimistic, progressive, cooperative and dedicated.



Warm regards

Holly Rosalin Madjan, S.Pd., M.Pd.

Pah Tsung Kindergarten Principal



巴中学校幼儿园是一所三语学校,在学校的所有学习活动中都使用普通话、英语和印语作为教学媒介。这是巴中幼儿园的特点和优势:孩子们在日常学习和活动中可以熟练地使用“中、英、印”三种语言的基本短语,以满三语教学中的具体类型的需求。凭借这种语言的能力,巴中三语学校幼儿园的孩子们将要迎接未来工业革命 4.0 时代的全球竞争,我们希望孩子们能够在全球范围内连接和交流。


巴中三语学校幼儿园坚信教育是我们建立未来的基础。 巴中三语学校幼儿园在为孩子们奠定坚实的教育基础方面发挥着重要作用,使他们能够在未来竞争的同时仍然拥有乐观、进步、合作和奉献的伟大美德。


Holly Rosalin Madjan, S.Pd., M.Pd.