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Pah Tsung Junior High School Profile:

Pah Tsung developed from its alumni’s longing to provide a good education for Indonesian children. In 2015, Pah Tsung Junior High started with a Grade 7.

We educate our students holistically, so they become excellent not only in their moral and character, but also in their academic achievements. Our students’ creative and innovative mindsets are sharpened through our nurture of their knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Our habituation activities are designed to foster our students’ respect for others and the environment, can-do attitudes, resilience, and teamwork skills. Their leadership skills, interest, and talent are also developed through our various activities. Technology-based learning has become an integral part of our learning activities. To prepare our students to face the globalization era in the 21st century, we also apply Indonesian, Mandarin, and English proportionately in our classes

We use Indonesian National Curriculum (2013). For this 2021/2022 academic year, in Grade 7 we are making our curriculum transition to PEARSON, focusing on Mathematics, Science, and English.

Pah Tsung is working with PEARSON Edexcel to standardize the curriculum and to become an Examination Centre (International GCSE and International AS/A Level Qualification). With our International PEARSON Curriculum, students are prepared to do their further education overseas.

Jakarta, September 2021

Principal of Pah Tsung Junior High School


Dra Ester Setiawati Budirahardjo, M. Pd







巴中学校已经与PEARSON Edexcel合作,改进课程教学,并成为考试中心(国际GCSE和国际AS/A考试)。通过培生教育课程,为学生做好未来准备。


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Dra Ester Setiawati Budirahardjo, M. Pd