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As an enrichment program for student character development, Pah Tsung Junior High School organizes leadership camp on March 26th 2021. During the camp, students participate in a range of enjoyable and challenging activities together with other students. The student leadership camp is run by a team of BLOG (Blessing for Our Generations) and some teachers. The student leadership builds confidence, resilience and responsibility, turning students into empowered, inspiring leaders. In addition, the students learn to recognize and monitor their own motivation and values and to accept and leverage their uniqueness. They also learn to have positive mindset in which they learn the character traits of the leader, the importance of taking calculated risks and how persistence, resilience and acceptance affect their performance in a positive way.

Furthermore, they also learn the power of language in communication and relationships. They learn to give and receive a feedback in a productive and empowering way and also given conversation tools to avoid conflict and enhance their group relationships.

At the student leadership camp, participants also learn to estimate the time required to complete a task and improve their planning and organization skills. The students are also given the opportunity to learn how to construct an idea and present it in a confident, powerful and convincing way. 

As part of the camp activities, students are asked to complete assignments with time pressure to develop decision making skills. They explore creativity and uniqueness as a leadership tool as well as examine their own personal values and debate the idea of power. They are required to brainstorm, plan in a team environment, develop flexibility and adjust to the different needs of their team members.