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Pah Tsung KG English Day

Pah Tsung KG English Day: A Review

On 30th October 2020 Pah Tsung Kindergarten held its annual English Day with the theme “Celebrating The United Nations Day” that was conducted through Google Meet. Two weeks before the D-day, the excitement had begun with the launching of Rhyming Chant competition for Playgroup and K1 students and Storytelling competition for K2 students.

The number of videos received showed students’ enormous enthusiasm for the competitions. The judges also had found it such a demanding but pleasant work to decide on the winners who automatically were nominees for the favourite. These winners had to upload their videos on Instagram to get the most “likes”.  They were:

  • Ryu, Jani and Maxwell from PG
  • Ritz, Joel, Lovely, Hisashi, Alfons, and Glenn from K1
  • Michelle, Sierra, Keisha, Nairn, Jeremi and Jacelyn from K2

We congratulate all the winners and participants for having shown such great talents wrapped up in awesome performances. This experience we hope would instill in them such enthusiasm for their future.

Our greatest respect and gratitude also go to all parents who have been very supportive in motivating and facilitating their children to join the competitions despite the complex situation caused by the pandemic.

Hopefully this wonderful work will continue for years to come.


Written by: Ms. Yuli


K1 Honest English Day celebration on Gmeet

 Responsible English Day celebration on Gmeet


PG favorite winner, Jani Rimatuzzahra from PG Lively


K1 Favorite winner; Lovely Manggala from K1 Obedient

K2 1st winner and also favorite winner; Michelle Ma from K2 Sincere



3rd and 4th winner from K2 Optimistic; Keisha Yoceline and Nairn Saoirse Theodora