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Pah Tsung Kindergarten is a trilingual school that uses the 2013 National Curriculum where the subjects taught, such as Mathematics, Science, Art, Language, Creative Activity, Physical Exercise, and Moral lessons are delivered in Mandarin, English, and Indonesian. This is the advantage of Pah Tsung Kindergarten, because Pah Tsung Kindergarten graduates can communicate in these 3 languages ​​according to their age. With the competence of 3 languages, Pah Tsung School graduates are ready to face global competition in the future.

Built in a large area, Pah Tsung Kindergarten has various complete facilities that make students feel comfortable studying at school. This school environment is very supportive of stimulating aspects of child development (academic, physical–motor, social–emotional, language, and art). In addition, Pah Tsung Kindergarten has a teaching staff who are competent in their fields and have the ability to take a personal approach to children with different characters.

By continuing to uphold the character education, which is the hallmark of Pah Tsung Kindergarten, Pah Tsung Kindergarten is sure to produce optimistic, progressive, cooperative, and dedicated children with a bright future.

In the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic that is still ongoing and causes a lot of uncertainty, one thing is certain: Pah Tsung Kindergarten’s commitment to the best education for children has never changed.


Jakarta, September 2021

Principal of Pah Tsung Kindergarten


Holly Rosalin Madjan, S.Pd



    巴中幼儿园采用 2013 年国家课程标准,其中数学、科学、艺术、语言、创意活动、体育课程和道德课程等科目以汉语、英语和印尼语授课。这就是巴中幼儿园的优势,因为巴中幼儿园的毕业生可以根据他们的年龄用这3 种语言进行交流。拥有三种语言的交流能力,巴中学校的毕业生已准备好迎接未来的全球竞争。

    巴中幼儿园占地广阔,各种设施齐全,让学生在学校学习更舒心。这种学校环境有利于激发儿童发展的各个方面(学业、身体运动、社交情感、语言和艺术)。此外,巴中幼儿园 拥有高水平的教职员工,他们可以因材施教,帮助不同性格的学生学习。

    继续坚持品格教育,这是巴中幼儿园的标志,巴中幼儿园一定会培养出乐观、进取、合作、奉献、前途光明的孩子。在全球 冠状病毒大流行持续并造成很多不确定性的情况下,有一件事是肯定的:巴中幼儿园为儿童提供最佳教育的承诺从未改变。


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Holly Rosalin Madjan, S.Pd